About Poetry


How And Why I Write Poetry

By Jean Emerson

I came to poetry through the back door. I have spent a lot of time trying to make sense out of the confusing world I live in. My first thought in creating some order in my way of looking at a milieu I didn't understand was to go back to school when my youngest daughter went to second grade and my role as resident Mommy became redundant. That would have been in 1979. To do this I enrolled at Antioch of Yellow Spring's branch in Colombia, Maryland where I got bachelors degree in Social Research and Writing. While I had high hopes for the multisylabilistic perspective of sociology, to my surprise, I found more comfort in poetry. As a consequence, I have spent the last thirty six years I have been ferreting out opportunities to learn what I can about poetry from poetry adepts. I have taken workshops from famous and not so famous poets. Because I find reading books by people and listening to people who talk about how they write poetry, I take copious notes and transcribe them so that I can remember what they said, when I want to go back to some special idea. And because I find these notes helpful I am posting those workshop reports here in hopes you might find these ideas I have gleaned as helpful as I have.


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